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Safe Haven Music is proud to offer our professional repair services for fretted instruments, including authorized warranty service for Cordoba, Charvel, EVH, Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Jackson, and Squier.

The Safe Haven Blog

The Epic Saga of the Fender Stratocaster: A Journey Through Sound and Style

For 70 years the Stratocaster has been a beacon for players who see some of their own rebellious spirit in this revolutionary guitar. Once viewed as unconventional, the Strat is...

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Fender Announces Four New Limited Editions Combo Amplifiers for 2024 - Meet the 2024 Fender FSR Combo Amps

Fender has done it again with a solid release of four FSR combo amplifiers for 2024. These amps are being made to order for select Fender dealers, which means authorized...

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Single-Coil Pickups vs. Humbuckers: Unraveling the Tonal Divide - A Guide for Guitar Enthusiasts

In the realm of electric guitars, the choice between single-coil pickups and humbuckers has long been a topic of discussion among musicians and enthusiasts. Each type of pickup offers distinct...

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Fender Rumble Amps: Jamming Bliss Unleashed

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of bass amplification, Fender Rumble amps stand as stalwarts of sonic versatility. This comprehensive guide embarks on a detailed exploration, dissecting the technical intricacies,...

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