We inspect and setup guitars prior to shipment. We're musicians, and we hate bad guitars. We also despise good guitars that come from the factory with bad setups or QC. We make sure to fix that before you get your guitar.

We ship quickly. We're darn good at shipping guitars, and our operation is fast and efficient. We normally ship your order out within 1 business day. 

We're the first to get new product. We go to NAMM every year to stay on top of new product and emerging vendors. We have close relationships with our current vendors so that we get the first batch of new product when it's released.

Our inspection process eliminates guitars with factory defects. Guitars with poor fretwork or hidden defects are quickly returned to the vendor. Nothing makes us happier than spotting a bad guitar when it comes in and quickly sending it back to the vendor so that our customers never even knew it existed.

We double box most guitars, and bolster packaging on those that cannot be double boxed. We've already spent the time making sure your guitar is perfect when it leaves our warehouse, so we want to make sure it arrives in the same condition. We cringe at "box mover" operations that get guitars in from their vendors and ship them right back out in the original packaging without ever inspecting the guitar or bolstering the packaging. We highly encourage our customers to never buy from these types of operations.

We have the best prices. In today's guitar market, most vendors require dealers to adhere to MAP (minimum advertisable price), so almost all music stores should be selling a guitar for the same MAP price. All of our brand new guitars are listed at MAP, and any used guitars we have are listed at extremely competitive prices. For any available discounts we encourage calling us during business hours.

We're a small business. Every single order means A LOT to us. Your order today makes us a better store tomorrow. Our store has grown since 2015 by reinvesting profits back into the store. Your order isn't going to some multi-millionaire CEO buying his third yacht. It's going to a group of real musicians that are passionate about gear and the music industry. Disclaimer: Your order might go towards some of us buying another guitar that we probably shouldn't have.

We have a showroom in New York! In this day and age, internet sales have put a lot of mom and pop guitar shops out of business. We are dedicated to maintaining our showroom at 237 Long Beach Road, Island Park, NY, 11558 so that our customers can try out any gear we have posted for sale online. Most of our gear is stored in our warehouse to keep it brand new (and because we can't fit it all in our showroom), but let us know what gear you're interested in and we'll happily have it available at our showroom for you to demo in person.