Introducing Jackson's all new Limited Edition Concept Series


Jackson Concept Series Dinky MDK HT8

Introducing the Jackson Limited Edition Concept Series Dinky MDK HT8 MS, a masterfully crafted instrument that redefines the boundaries of modern guitar playing. Engineered with a focus on technical precision, multi-dimensional tone, and ergonomic design, this guitar is poised to deliver the ultimate high-performance experience. Its innovative design accommodates two scale lengths on one fingerboard, ranging from 25.5 inches to 27.5 inches, offering a diverse sonic palette while enhancing playing comfort, tension, and intonation. Crafted for both durability and playability, the basswood body features a stylishly contoured design, complemented by a three-piece maple/wenge/maple neck that withstands environmental elements. The satin back finish not only ensures a smooth playing feel but also adds a touch of elegance. The ultra-fast 12”-16” compound radius ebony fingerboard is a testament to easy chording and riffing near the nut, transitioning seamlessly to facilitate rapid, fret-out-free leads up the neck. A game-changer for touring musicians, the glow-in-the-dark Luminlay side dots provide fretboard guidance even in the darkest stage settings. The tonal versatility of the Dinky MDK HT8 MS is realized through the Fishman Fluence Modern PRF-M39-CB1 humbucking pickup in the bridge position and Fishman Fluence Modern PRF-M39-AB1 humbucker in the neck position. This combination allows players to access both brutal aggression and passive punch within the same guitar. Tone shaping is made intuitive with a three-position pickup blade switch, single volume control, and single tone control with push/pull activation for seamless switching between the crisp, searing Voice 1 and the high-output distortion of Voice 2. Built for maximum sustain and tonality, the high-quality Hipshot fixed bridge ensures rock-solid tuning stability, accommodating even the most aggressive playing styles. Cloaked in Jackson's signature style, the Pro Plus Dinky MDK HT8 MS flaunts a sleek Satin Black finish with all-black hardware, including Jackson tuners and locking strap buttons, a Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut, and a color-matched reverse Jackson AT-1 4x4 black headstock. From its construction to its meticulous specifications, the Jackson Limited Edition Concept Series Dinky MDK HT8 MS stands as an epitome of modern guitar craftsmanship, ready to inspire the next wave of sonic exploration.


Jackson Concept Series Soloist Arch Top Extreme SL27 EX

The resurgence of the Jackson Limited Edition Concept Series Soloist Arch Top Extreme SL27 EX marks a celebrated return, responding to popular demand for its distinguished 27-fret production model. This high-performance guitar emerges as an arresting presence, draped in a brooding gloss black finish and featuring a color-matched reverse pointed 6-in-line headstock, along with sleek black hardware that exudes a sense of aggressive sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Soloist Arch Top Extreme SL27 EX showcases an alder Soloist body with a purposeful arched top, ensuring both visual appeal and optimized resonance. The three-piece maple neck, adorned with a satin finish on the back, not only reinforces structural integrity but also offers a smooth playing experience. The 12"-16" compound radius bound ebony fingerboard takes center stage, boasting an impressive 27 jumbo frets, a distinctive yellow sharkfin at the 12th fret, and Luminlay® side dots that enhance visibility even in the dimmest of stage environments. The heart of this sonic powerhouse lies in its HS pickup configuration, featuring direct mount Seymour Duncan Distortion TB-6 bridge and Seymour Duncan Hot Rail SHR-1 neck pickups. These pickups are meticulously chosen to deliver a perfect blend of power and tone, with boosted mids, substantial lows, and articulate highs. The Seymour Duncan Distortion at the bridge can kick a tube amp into total overdrive, while the Hot Rail neck pickup provides warmth without sacrificing clarity. The three-way toggle switch, single volume control, and single tone control empower players to sculpt their tone effortlessly. The Soloist Arch Top Extreme SL27 EX is not only a versatile tonal machine but also a stage-ready performer, thanks to the Floyd Rose 1000 series double-locking tremolo bridge system. This feature allows players to engage in radical dive bombs and expressive pitch modulation without compromising tuning stability. Jackson sealed die-cast tuners and locking strap buttons ensure a secure and reliable playing experience, while the inclusion of a Foam Core case provides the necessary protection for this assertive axe, making it ready for any musical journey that lies ahead.


Jackson Concept Series Rhoads RR24

The Jackson Limited Edition Concept Series breaks the mold with a captivating blend of unconventional design and affordability. Aimed at the serious-minded, high-performance guitarist, this series introduces instruments that redefine expectations, featuring upgrades and attributes often associated with custom shop creations. In the spirit of advancing the metal legacy pioneered by Randy Rhoads, the Concept Series Rhoads RR24 FR H emerges as a standout, offering a refined offset and angular design coupled with aggressive tone and effortless playability, all at an exceptional value. Built on Jackson's revered neck-through-body construction, the RR24 FR H ensures ergonomic comfort for extended performances, delivering monstrous sustain across its 24 jumbo stainless-steel frets. The three-piece maple neck is reinforced with graphite rods, enhancing stability against environmental factors, while the gloss color-matched neck finish adds an appealing touch. The ultra-fast 12”-16” compound radius bound ebony fingerboard is designed for seamless chording and riffing near the nut, transitioning effortlessly to support rapid, fret-out-free leads up the neck. A performance-enhancing feature for live musicians, glow-in-the-dark Luminlay side dots provide fretboard guidance even in dimly lit stage environments. Tailored for the forward-thinking metal virtuoso, the RR24 FR H is equipped with an EMG 81 bridge pickup, delivering high output, rich midrange harmonics, and an aggressive crunch. An added EMG afterburner push-pull pot provides up to a 20dB gain boost, ideal for lead players seeking maximum output during solos. The top-mount Floyd Rose 1000 series double-locking tremolo system ensures tuning stability through extreme pitch changes. Embodying Jackson's distinctive style, the Rhoads RR24 FR H features a striking Black finish with White pinstripes, gold hardware, pearloid sharkfin inlays, and Jackson’s famed pointed 6-in-line color-matched headstock. With an enticing mix of innovation and affordability, the Concept Series Rhoads RR24 FR H stands as a testament to Jackson's commitment to pushing the boundaries of guitar design and performance


Jackson Concept Series Limited Edition King Kelly

Finally, we have a striking offset angular design paired with a lightning-fast neck, the new Jackson Limited Edition Concept Series King Kelly models represent the epitome of metal sophistication. These guitars not only command attention with their electrifying appearance but also deliver a colossal sound and dependable performance, all bundled at an extraordinary value. Crafted for the discerning guitarist, these instruments boast a 25.5” scale, alder body, and a three-piece maple neck-through-body with graphite reinforcement for enhanced stability. The 12”-16” compound radius ebony fingerboard showcases 24 jumbo stainless-steel frets adorned with pearloid sharkfin inlays, accentuated by white neck and headstock binding for a touch of elegance. This powerhouse is fueled by Bare Knuckle Aftermath bridge and neck humbucking pickups, providing a versatile sonic palette. With additional features like a three-position pickup toggle switch, single volume control, single tone control, and a Floyd Rose 1000 series double-locking tremolo bridge system, these King Kelly models are set to redefine your metal-playing experience. Clad in a sleek satin black finish with a Jackson pointed 6-in-line headstock and black hardware, these guitars are as visually stunning as they are sonically commanding. Each model comes complete with a foam core case, ensuring your investment is protected on and off the stage.

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