Fender Aerodyne Special Series Breakdown


The Aerodyne Special Stratocaster features a sleek look with all-new vibrant finishes on top of the beautifully bound basswood body and matching headstock. The modern “C” shape satin neck with a 12” radius is one of the most comfortable necks Fender has ever produced. The stunning necks allow for complete freedom across the 22 frets. The Aerodyne Stratocaster is available with a maple neck or a rosewood neck. The newly designed vintage-voiced Stratocaster pickups deliver a perfect balance of high output without sacrificing classic Fender tone. The Aerodyne Stratocaster is available in an SSS configuration as well as an HSS configuration if you want to beef up your tone with a humbucker. The chrome skirted volume and tone knobs give the aerodyne series a sort of “retro” look. The Aerodyne Stratocasters are available in Hot Rod Burst, California Blue, Speed Green Metallic, Bright White, Dolphin Gray Metallic, and Chocolate Burst.


Much like its Stratocaster counterpart, the Aerodyne Telecaster features an all-new sleek look in vibrant colors with a matching headstock. The bound basswood body and modern “C” shape neck make this one of the lightest and most comfortable telecasters Fender has ever produced. Like its Strat counterpart, the Aerodyne Telecaster has a rosewood or maple neck. The brand-new Aerodyne Special single-coil pickups make this instrument absolutely sing. The Aerodyne Telecaster is available in Hot Rod Burst, California Blue, and Dolphin Gray Metallic.

Fender didn’t stop at just Aerodyne guitars; they have also reinvented their legendary basses as well! Fender took the same specs from their Aerodyne guitars and applied them to their Jazz Bass. Loaded with a modern “C” shape satin neck and 12” radius, you will fly all over the fretboard of this bass! The bound basswood body delivers an extremely full tone perfectly compliments by the all-new vintage voiced Aerodyne Special single-coil pickups. It is available in either a maple or rosewood fretboard like the guitars. The Jazz bass is available in California Blue, Dolphin Gray Metallic, and Chocolate Burst.


Finally, the Aerodyne Precision Bass is my personal favorite of the Aerodyne series. This one plays unlike any other Precision bass out there! The modern “C” neck and 12” radius feel especially sleek given what a Precision bass neck usually feels like. Despite its modern aesthetic, the Aerodyne Precision Bass delivers a vintage P-Bass thump. Combining fat low end, punchy midrange, and smooth trebles the new Aerodyne Special split single-coil Precision Bass pickup is the perfect balance of thunderous output and smooth tone. Like the others in the Aerodyne series, the Precision Bass is available with either a maple or rosewood fretboard. The Aerodyne Precision bass comes in three colors, Speed Metallic Green, Hot Rod Burst, and Bright White.


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