Holiday Gift Guide - 5 amps perfect for the holidays!


Fender Mustang Micro
1Fender Mustang Micro

    The perfect stocking stuffer! This personal amplifier is just a little bit larger than a ¼ inch cable. Don’t judge by its size, this powerful amp has 12 amp models, 12 effects, and full EQ customization. All you need to do is plug the Mustang Micro into your guitar, connect your favorite headphones, and choose your favorite Fender amp setting! The easy-to-use interface makes this the perfect portable amp for beginners, and the headphone jack makes the silent playing perfect for neighbors. The Bluetooth feature supports audio streaming from your phone so you can easily and silently learn your favorite songs. If you are looking for the smallest and easiest amp out there, look no further than the Mustang Micro. 

    Orange Crush 20 Black
    2. Orange Crush 20

      If you are looking for something a little bit bigger than the Mustang Micro personal amp, then I suggest looking at the Orange Crush 20. The twin-channel Crush 20 takes all of the legendary “Orange sounds” and puts them in a compact and portable package. This twin-channel amp covers everything from ethereal cleans, classic blues crunch, all the way to high gain with exceptional clarity. Chilling at only 20 watts this amp is perfect for practice. You can crank this amp to really hear the vintage highs of the voice of the world speaker, without shaking the walls. But if you want to play silently, there is a headphone jack that faithfully emulates the sound of a mic’d Orange 4x12 cabinet. The aux input allows you to play along with your favorite bands!


      Fender Rumble LT25
      3. Fender Rumble LT25

        For my bass family out there, the Rumble LT25 is without a doubt the way to go! The Rumble LT25 is definitely the best bass amp for practice, or if you want to experiment with effects on your bass. The Rumble LT25 takes the best Fender bass amps ever made and puts them in an all-in-one incredible sounding and easy-to-use amp. Loaded with 15 amp models, 20 effects, and 50 presets that cover a wide range of electric bass tones. That might sound intimidating at first, but the easy-to-use interface makes this extremely user-friendly. If this is your first bass amp all you need to do is turn the preset select knob until you find the setting you like. If you are more experienced, you have 20 blank presets to make whatever sounds you like! If you want studio-clean sounds, Synth Fuzz tones, or full-on doom tones, the Rumble LT25 does it all!

        Bonus amp: If all of that sounds good, check out the Fender Mustang LT25, it is the same amp but made for guitar instead of bass!



        EVH 5150 Iconic 15w Combo Black


        4. EVH 5150 Iconic Series 15W Combo

          If you are looking for something more than a bedroom amp or a practice amp, looking for an awesome amp to use for gigging or the studio, or maybe you happen to be an Ed-head, the EVH 5150 Iconic is the way to go! The EVH 5150 Iconic Series satisfies the needs of guitarists craving that legendary EVH tube tone at a much more affordable price. Based on the flagship 5150III amps, the iconic amps deliver growling gain that Eddie Van Halen made famous. The combo features two channels with extra voicing for even more versatility. The clean channel has an added overdrive button to run from clean tones to increased gains. While the dirty channel’s burn button adds even more gain perfect for blistering leads. For added control each channel houses its own gain and volume controls, allowing for level-matching when switching between clean to high gain. Powered by a pair of 6L6 and ECC86 tubes as well as a custom-designed EVH 10” Celestion speaker, this amp absolutely punches above its weight and is far more powerful and versatile than most amps around this size and price point!


          Fender Tone Master Princeton
          5. Fender Tone Master Princeton

            The last amp on our list is one of the most underrated guitar amps out there. We have the Fender Tone Master Princeton! The Fender Princeton is one of the most prized guitar amps of all time, now the Tone Master Princeton has made some changes to make it much lighter without sacrificing tone, all for a price that everyone can enjoy. The Tone Master Princeton delivers all the classic Fender tone, reverb, and tremolo that everyone expects from a Fender amp. Since this is a digital amp, you don’t have to worry about the weight of having a tube amp, the Tone Master clocks in at around 20 pounds! Although this is a small amp, it does not sacrifice any tone or power. Versatile enough to be used on the stage as well as in your room or studio, the Fender Tone Master Princeton is the perfect amp for anyone looking to get the classic Fender clean tones without breaking the bank or your back!


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