NAMM 2022: Ibanez announces new signature guitars!

Ibanez PIA3761CBLP

Ibanez PIA3761C Blue Powder

Steve Vai and Ibanez have collaborated once again to create “the next evolution of the JEM”. Steve Vai’s PIA3761 is now available in Blue Powder to accompany its counterparts in Onyx Black and Stallion White. The beautiful Maple/Walnut neck with rosewood fingerboard provides incredible clarity while still having a solid mid-range bite. The alder body provides the perfect resonance and sustain. Based on Steve Vai’s tonal preference, the DiMarzio UtoPIA HSS pickups offer smooth highs and a pronounced low end. And finally the new chrome hardware adds to the incredibly sleek design to the highly anticipated new addition to Ibanez’s line up.


Ibanez JIVAX2-GH

Ibanez JIVAX2 Ghost

Back in 2018, Nita Strauss became Ibanez’s first female signature artist! Now she has released a spin on her first signature, the JIVA10. Coming in an HSH configuration, the DiMarzio Pandemonium humbuckers combined with the DiMarzio True Velvet single coil pickup give this beast of an instrument a very unique modern take on that classic 80’s rock sound! Aside from the new Ghost finish, the JIVAX2-GH now has a five piece maple/wenge neck and an Edge-Zero tremolo sytem. This guitar is a must have for any modern shredder!


Ibanez JIVA10L

Ibanez JIVA10L Deep Space Blonde Left Handed Electric Guitar

For all of you lefty’s out there, Ibanez also released  the Nita Strauss signature JIVA10L. Set up the same way as the original with DiMarzio Pandemonium Humbuckers and a DiMarzio True Velvet single coil. The Quilted Maple top and African Mahogany body offers a rich mid-low end. The three piece Maple/Purpleheart neck provides amazing stability and longer sustain! We know it’s hard for lefty’s to find guitars for them but Ibanez has you covered!


Ibanez JS2GD

Ibanez JS2GD Joe Satriani Electric Guitar Gold

Ibanez released one of the most stunning Satch models to date! New aesthetics as well as a new pickup configuration, this is one of the most anticipated releases so far! Now boasting an extremely versatile HSS configuration with DiMarzio Satch Track and a DiMarzio Fred humbucker. With new pick up configuration comes new controls. Rather than having a standard pickup selector switch, the JS2GD comes with three separate switches which control what pickups are on, creating a while new world of tonal possibilities. On top of that the humbucker has a coil splitting tone pot, and a high pass filter has been added to the volume knob to unsure that you maintain your highs at low volumes. On top of those welcome additions you still have the tried and true alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. Needless to say this is one of the most exciting releases this year!


Ibanez GBSP10

Ibanez GBSP10 George Benson Signature Hollowbody Electric Guitar Red

Ibanez doesn’t just make guitars for headbangers and shredders, they also make guitars for you jazz maestros out there! Designed and crafted to the standards of the legend himself, George Benson, the Ibanez GBSP10 is truly a piece of art. If the Red Flamed maple top, back and sides weren’t enough to make you fall in love with this guitar, take a look at the stunning inlays! The GBSP10 introduces a special ebony bridge and all new tailpiece. Loaded with GB Special humbuckers, this is one guitar you don’t want to miss out on!


Ibanez KIKO100TRR

Ibanez KIKO100 Transparent Ruby Red

There are many different musical influences to Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro’s playing style, so he needs a guitar that can cover anything! He and Ibanez have worked for a long time covering many different neck and body shapes, and they have nailed it with the KIKO100TRR. The five piece maple/walnut neck with rosewood finger board provides incredible clarity while still having a solid mid-range bite. Flamed Maple top with Alder body delivers a very well balanced tone with incredible sustain. Where this guitar really shines is with the DiMarzio KIKO original pickups. Since Kiko plays a wide range of music, from metal to jazz fusion, the pickups have to reflect this range of sound. The neck and bridge humbuckers have medium output and a balanced sound in terms of frequency response. The single-coil middle pickup is more powerful and warmer-sounding than a typical vintage single-coil in order to balance well with the neck and bridge pickups. On top of that you also have a push/pull volume pot to offer even more pick up combos! If all of that wasn’t enough, the 19th-24th frets are scalloped to allow for easier tapping. This has to be one of the most versatile guitars on the market so it needs to be in every guitarists collection regardless of what genre you play!



Ibanez TQMS1 Tom Quayle Signature Electric Guitar Celeste Blue

The UK’s Jazz/Fusion king is getting his second Ibanez AZ series signature model, and his first T-Style. The TQMS1CTB is constructed with an oval roasted maple neck, and treated with an S-TECH special roasting treatment that increases the woods stability, durability, water resistance and tolerance of temperature changes. That combined with a rosewood fretboard provides a beautiful mid-ranged tone. The T1802 tremolo bridge features machined titanium saddles and a machined steel tremolo block for a quick response, thick lows and rich highs. While the AZ series features a recessed bridge cavity for fluid and dynamic tremolo action, this model has non-recessed bridge cavity. The direct contact between bridge plate and the guitar body provides better resonance and helps facilitate subtle nuances in playing dynamics. What has us most excited is the pickup configuration. The Seymour Duncan Magic Touch-mini humbucker in the neck position offers tonal clarity which this style of guitar is known for, but with added body and articulation. The Alnico II Pro custom single coil pickup in the bridge offers the perfect balance of clarity and twang, while also delivering a nice mid-range bark. The pickups output levels are also perfectly balanced so when you switch, you won’t lose any volume! But if having a humbucker in the neck position isn’t your thing, Ibanez’s Alter Switch acts as a coil tap so you can still get that single coil twang in the neck position. Needless to say, we are very excited about this release!


Ibanez JBM9999

Ibanez JBM9999 Jake Bowen Signature Electric Guitar Azure Metallic Matte

Last but certainly not least we have the newest signature from Periphery’s prog rock powerhouse Jake Bowen. Have you ever thought that 24 frets wasn’t enough? Ibanez and Jake Bowen had the same concerns and his latest signature has 27 frets, designed for shredders who feel at home playing in the higher octaves! What also sets this one apart from his other signature models, the JBM9999 features an HS configuration composed of high output custom JBM9999 single coil and humbucker pickups. This set also only has a volume knob and a 5 way switch which offers a range of split, series, and parallel configurations. Also, new to this model, is a basswood body, five piece maple/walnut neck, and a bound ebony fret board which deliver that perfect natural tone with a strong attack! Jake Bowen, the source of the band’s rich tapestry of guitar-based ambient soundscapes, has also moved the boundaries of guitar design and performance with this incredible instrument.

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